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Quilt Along

Closer Looks
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This Web page is a central-place for information regarding our year-long BOM Quilt Along project.

Any questions or comments about the following, please:
send your eMail to: QuiltAlong at Bernina World of Sewing dotcom

To register for the Quilt Along 2020, call the store (919 782 2945)
or stop by the store (your payment information is necessary for the $20 year fee).

If You Are Curious About November
Yes, November is “on” - virtually -
(starting after the weekend of October 31) –
No kits necessary this month! We are "just" putting things together in November.

The Participant's link (for the November Video) will be pointed to in the store's eMail sent out over the end-October weekend. Again, as mentioned above: No kits necessary this month!

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58" x 79"

This Web page has some QandA information regarding our year-long BOM Quilt Along project.

Any questions or comments about the following, please:
send your eMail to: QuiltAlong at Bernina World of Sewing dotcom

  1. Do we bring our own machines?
    Answer: No! QuiltAlong is NOT a “class” – it is a BlockOfMonth Presentation, Each month, a member of the QuiltAlong group (from the store) will walk-through the month’s block. Prior to the meeting, you will get an eMail that points you to the month’s instructions and you print those out and bring the printout to the meeting (for your writing notes, etc.).

  2. What do we need to bring to the first class in January?
    Answer: Just your printed-out instructions.

  3. Do we need the background material the first class?
    Answer: No…. Because you will be doing the sewing at-home… Most people purchase such at the first meeting. The Background Fabric is your choice.

  4. Are there any dates set up for the rest of the year?
    Answer: The sessions are NORMALLY (95% of the time) the first week that has a Thursday/Friday and Saturday of a month.

  5. How do we demonstrate we’ve completed the month project? Do we send a photo or bring it in to the next class?
    Answer: The participant shows their (actual) completed-block at the store during the meeting.

  6. If we aren’t able to make the next month’s meeting, can a friend pick up the kit for us?
    Answer: If you cannot attend a month’s meeting, you can pick up the Kit at any time and the fee is $6.00. (Also, if you have not completed the previous month’s block – the kit fee is $6.00 even if you are attending a meeting).

  7. Is there a drawing of the size of each block that we can have access to now? Or a drawing similar to the one for last year in which the size of each block, strip etc was marked so we know the sizes of each block, etc that we will be doing?
    Answer: Currently, there is not such a diagram available. If something such as that becomes available it will be placed on the Quilt Along Participation Webpage.

  8. I have completed both squares. Yea me!  I was a bit concerned and have been since I trimmed the above square and it measured 12”x12”.  The directions said to Press and trim your block to a 12.5” square.  But on the front page it said the Sail Around the Island was 12 x 12.  I felt better.  Which is it?  A little confusing  and could make a difference when sewing my quilt together.  Don’t you agree?  Did I do something wrong?  This is my first time doing a Quilt Along.
    Answer: The first page shows you the FINISHED blocks (6” x 6” and the other 12” x 12”). As the pattern says, on Page-5 (Block Assembly for Star of Java) is shown WITHOUT seam allowance) – this is normal for patterns. When assembled, the block will end up 6 ½” square (including the outer seam allowance). If your block is MORE than 6 ½” you trim to 6 ½”. Same approach for the second block (page 8 for Sail Around the Island): It will end up 12 ½” including the outer seam allowance. Your question is a reason for having a chance to check the pattern before the monthly meeting. Don’t hesitate to ask questions at the meeting before you get started with the month’s work.

  9. I am thinking of making a mock block before I make the real block each month.  I had difficulty in January and do not want to stress out the way I did.  So I thought if I made a sample one out of other fabric first and made my mistakes on it, I wouldn’t feel so bad messing up on less expensive fabric.  I am hoping to be able to use my scraps or borrowed fabric.  What I am looking for from you is the amount of total fabric I will need of the white background, charcoal, orange, yellow and turquoise.  Just the amounts because I probably will use other colors.
    Answer: The background fabric: A total of 5 ½-yds. I recommend that you divide the 5 ½ yds into two pieces: One piece 3 yds (for the blocks) and One piece 2 ½ yds. Put the 2 ½ yd piece aside until towards the end of the year (this would be fabric for the sashing and border). For the four other fabrics: You need one yd each total. I, personally would get 1 ¼ yd simply to have enough in case I make a mistake.Good luck with your approach!

Disclaimer: The above is shown as best-effort information and the information may be changed at any time as the year moves forward.

Upcoming Month's Meetings:

The store's in-store activity remains to be affected due to the current guidelines for COVID-19


The store will be sending the note (as usually) around the last weekend of the month.  
I will have the PDF there a day or two ahead of time (again: As usual). 

The First-week of November store eMail will tell the October process for accessing the November Video.
Again, as mentioned above: No kits necessary this month! .

The eMail pointing to the Upcoming (November) Month's Pattern Instructions and Video will be sent to participants -
  Sometime around the Last Weekend of a  Current Month.  Have Patience.

If you are here looking for an earlier month's 2020 pattern, and you are registered with Quilt along, send a message to the eMail shown below. 
The Upcoming-Month's  pattern will be available the first weekend of the upcoming month.
Further questions/comments, please: 

send an eMail to: QuiltAlong at Bernina World of Sewing dotcom - Just Click Here to send the eMail

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