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Favorite Quilt That I Own

This Project has ended.

Will there be another similar, "down the road"? We see, depending upon comments-received as time moves forward.

The Title (above) basically describes what this Web page was intended to show. (For those who participated in the following, as described below):

What is Our "Favorite Quilt That I Own" (FQTIO)?

This topic came about as I recognized that March 2018 was "International Quilting Month". As I wrote the term, I decided to change it (for purposes of this Web page) to be a celebration of Quilt(s) from a personal point of view, not "just' Quilting.

Could I, in fact, decide what is "My Favorite Quilt That I Own" (FQTIO)?

If the reader of this Web page wished to participate in this quest: Following, was the plan. As the hoped-for ten participants did not materialize in March 2018, I opted to "archive" this page and (the contest, as described below) will continue on in a less-publicized manner. The aims was to have ten participants. That happened in October, 2018. The project ended, then, November 30, 2018.

Browse the following, if interested.
Dave Shogren - Webmaster at Bernina World of Sewing


    Procedure used by participants:

  1. Found the quilt that the participant wanted to submit, for this project.

    Photographed it.

    The quilt could be of ANY type: Wall Hanging, Full size, whatever. Minimum size: 10" in any direction -- but, if less than the minimum: Ask.

  2. Sent the photograph to: bwosmyfavoritequilt at Bernina World of Sewing dot com

    Sent the image in FULL SIZE. The participant was not concerned with the physical (computer/Web) size of the file. Don't "compress", or whatever, the computer-readable file; just sent the original-data from their camera. Once the piece's photo was shown on the Website, the participant was alerted to that and (of course) if the quality of what is shown was not sufficient (or whatever), the participant simply asked that the piece be removed.

    Included in the eMail, the photo (attached is OK) and:
    Participant's Name
    Participant's City/State/Country
    The quilt (piece’s) name (default is Un-Named)
    The quilt's size (width and height)
    A comment about the piece.

  3. The submitted photo and information was shown on this Web page.

  4. The participant could decide if they wished to vote on the Favorite piece shown on this Website.

    One vote per eMail ID. The vote could be changed until a future date to be determined (it ended up to be: November 30, 2018) when/if the ten-participant objective had been reached.

When ten or more participant's quilts were submitted:

  • The participant who had the most votes at the end of day (future date that was determined throughout the project, was November 30, 2018) for "Favorite piece shown on this Website" received $60.00 USA in form of a Store Gift Certificate. Remember: Gift Certificates may be used for anything currently in-store including classes. Also, this Gift Certificate could be used for anything purchased via our online site (such as Fabric or Thread).

    Second-place participant received a $30.00 USA Gift Certificate.
    Third-place participant received a $10.00 USA Gift Certificate.

    Four quilts max was accepted per participant; one, of course, was fine -- and: The owner of the submitted quilts had only one vote... so, basically, the owner of the submitted quilts ended up naming his/her "Favorite Quilt That I Own" (FQTIO). Note: As the project proceeded, I modified this (for the participants) to be a max of two votes by a participant, in case he/she wished to vote on someone else's piece. The default, for the participant, was ONE vote - and that vote was for one of the participant's entry (entries). All non-participants were allowed ONE vote per owned-eMail ID.


  • Entries were accepted from the time the project started until a future date was determined (it ended up to be November 30, 2018).

  • Votes were accepted within that same timeframe.

    The eMail owner's vote could be changed anytime until November 30, 2018. Remember: Only one vote (the voter's last-entered vote) was counted per eMail ID.

    Questions or Comments: Sent to bwosmyfavoritequilt at Bernina World of Sewing dot com

    Dave Shogren - Webmaster at Bernina World of Sewing

How the Voting Took Place:

Note: The following parts of this Webpage are left "as-is" -- if you vote: OK! However, the project winners were determined December 1, 2018.

To Vote: Just click on any ONE of the shown-piece's Checkbox and then scroll to the "Contacting Information" portion of the Webform. Fill out the information shown after the last-shown Participant's entry and click on the "Send to..." button. You will receive a response that indicates your input is a Web Fabric Order - just ignore that title of the shown page. You may re-enter your Vote at any time from now thru a future date to be determined. Only your last vote will count - and, only ONE vote at any time. Your sent-vote will not show up on this Web page for a day or so. I look forward to hearing from you.

Participant: Diane Walters, Raleigh, NC
Project ID: DKWFQTIO01 Great Grandmother’s 90 Years Of Hope
Quilt Name: Great Grandmother’s 90 Years Of Hope
Quilt Size: Twin
Characteristics: Cotton

Comment: This quilt was started by my great-grandmother when my grandmother was pregnant with my mother. She died before my mother was born. Years later my mother and grandmother finished the quilt.  It was the quilt that I used on my bed as a little girl, and is worn out now as you can see.... I hope to restore it at some point, probably when I retire. Mom was born on January 22, 1929, so this quilt is 90 years old.
Closer Look

DKWFQTIO01 Great Grandmother’s 90 Years Of Hope
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 1

Participant: Gale Nichols, Raleigh, NC
Project ID: GKNFQTIO01 Celestial Dream
Quilt Name: Celestial Dream
Quilt Size: Large
Characteristics: Cotton

Comment: I made this (designed by Susan Powell) quilt three or four years ago - totally hand stitched and quilted.. I modified some parts of it. It’s my fave because I never get tired of looking at it. I especially love the little farm in the very bottom panel.
Closer Look

GKNFQTIO01 Celestial Dream
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 2

Participant: Grace Lents, Raleigh, NC
Project ID: GKLFQTIO01 Christmas Traditions Quilting Treasures
Quilt Name: Christmas Traditions Quilting Treasures
Quilt Size: 82" x 90"
Characteristics: Cotton

Comment: This is a family favorite.  Everyone wants it.  It won a big ribbon the year I displayed it. At Christmas time my daughter that lives here uses it on her guest bed. It was a lot of work but it is fun to look at. It was completed in 2012
Closer Look

GKLFQTIO01 Christmas Traditions Quilting Treasures
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 1

Participant: Nancy Pickett , Durham, NC
Project ID: NKPFQTIO01 Hunters Star meets Saturday sampler
Quilt Name: Hunters Star meets Saturday sampler
Quilt Size: Twin
Characteristics: Cotton

Comment: It’s a happy quilt; it just makes you smile. Completed in 2017.
Closer Look

NKPFQTIO01 Hunters Star meets Saturday sampler
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 1

Participant: Melissa d. Mitchell, Raleigh, NC 
Project ID: MKMFQTIO01 Geometric Swirles
Quilt Name: Geometric Swirles
Quilt Size: 66" x 61"
Characteristics: Cotton

Comment: This quilt sat on my design wall for ages because I was not sure how to position the patches, but then the idea of swirling the pattern and, as the piece developed, it became one of my favorite quilts.
Closer Look

MKMFQTIO01 Geometric Swirles
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 3

Participant: Kathy Dolezal, Louisburg, NC 
Project ID: KLDFQTIO01
Quilt Name: Lighthouses of North Carolina
Quilt Size: 84" x 84"
Characteristics: Wall Hanging

Comment: I machine embroidered the lighthouses around the central appliqued one. I worked on it off and on for 4 years.
Closer Look

KLDFQTIO01 Lighthouses of North Carolina
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 8

Participant: Elizabeth Weidner, Winterville,  NC
Project ID: EKWFQTIO01
Quilt Name: Napping Quilt
Quilt Size: 52" x 72")
Characteristics: Fabric from Dress Sewing

Comment: I made this quilt from my 2 daughter’s smocked dresses I made for them when they were young.  I call it the Napping Quilt, which I made for myself after over 10 years of sewing dresses for our daughters, I was exhausted and needed a nap!  I got a bit fancy and daring with the quilting and made double helix design on the edges which my scientist husband got all excited about and thought I had made this quilt for him!!  HA!!  No way!
Closer Look

EKWFQTIO01 Napping Quilt
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 1

Participant: Renee Page, Garner NC
Quilt Name: Abilene Cow by Laura Heine
Quilt Size: 40.5" x 55.5")
Characteristics: Cotton

Comment: This was a project I did with my sister from Atlanta.  We both made the same pattern and did it on the living room floor.  Took 2 to 3 days.  It was special because we did it together.  She used light colors and I used darker colors, so they look different.
Closer Look

RKPFQTIO1 Abilene Cow
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 13

Participant: Ailene Pearce, Zebulon NC
Project ID: AKPFQTIO01
Quilt Name: (Un-Named)
Quilt Size: Queen-Bed Size (A bit more than 75" x 98")
Characteristics: Cotton - The triangles on front were matched exactly by the triangles on the back.

Comment: This quilted comforter and shams were done by my mother, Marie McQuain, circa 1980.  Not being a quilter, I’m not sure how this was put together, but it was hand-stitched together on the back.  She also made pieced curtains and quilted table covers to match.
Closer Look

AKPFQTIO01 (Un-Named)
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 1

Project ID: AKPFQTIO02
Quilt Name: Slippers
Quilt Size: 75" x 98"
Characteristics: Cotton - Appliqued, embroidered, and quilted with a butterfly design by hand.

Comment: This quilt was done by my mother, Marie McQuain, in 1983, and it was her entry into the O'Neils Quilt Show, O'Neils Department Store, Akron, Ohio.  It is an applique quilt called Slippers, and she appliqued, embroidered, and quilted it with a butterfly design by hand.  The decorative stitching between squares and elsewhere was done by machine.  She received Honorable Mention for this entry, and she told me it was because it was not all done by HAND.  How times have changed. :) 

Closer Look

AKPFQTIO02 Slippers
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 0

Participant: Debi Balogh, Wake Forest NC
Project ID: DKBFTQIO01
Quilt Name: Daddy's Garden
Quilt Size: 96" x 96"
Characteristics: Cotton

Comment: I love this quilt because it represents my father's (he is of 97 year's age!) absolutely green gardens of flowers and vegetables.

From the book "Modern Neutrals by Amy Ellis.

DKBFTQIO01 Daddy's Garden
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 1

Project ID: DKBFTQIO02
Quilt Name: Rainbow Delight
Quilt Size: 90" x 90"
Characteristics: Cotton

Comment: This quilt brings a beautiful rainbow in my room.  Not one piece of fabric in the 100 blocks is the same.

From the book "100 Modern Quilt Blocks by Tula Pink.

DKBFTQIO02 Rainbow Delight
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 0

Participant: Jeanne Jarrett, Chapel Hill NC
Project ID: JKJFQTIO01
Quilt Name: William Morris’ Lazy Sunday
Quilt Size: 56" x 78"
Characteristics: Cotton, Quilted with Cozy Wool

Comment: This quilt was made using May Chappell's “Lazy Sunday” pattern and was quilted with cozy wool batting.  I love the Arts and Crafts period and used William Morris fabrics to coordinate with my living room rug and furnishings.  When it’s not keeping me warm, I keep it displayed on a rustic old ladder leaning against a wall.  It makes me happy either way!

JKJFQTIO01 William Morris' Lazy Sunday
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 1

Project ID: JKJFQTIO02
Quilt Name: The Red Dragon 
Quilt Size: 27" x 20"
Characteristics: Asian Fabrics

Comment: I designed and made this simple wall hanging using beautiful Asian fabrics I acquired from the estate sale of a local quilter who passed away several years ago.  She was such a cheerful woman, and I love thinking of her when I look at this quilt.

JKJFQTIO02 The Red Dragon
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 0

Participant: Lynda Chiodetti, Raleigh NC
Project ID: LKCFQTIO01
Quilt Name: Summer Solstice
Quilt Size: 52" x 52"
Characteristics: Cotton, Lonestar and New York Beauty

Comment: This is a Judy Niemeyer quilt pattern and is paper pieced.  I made this in 2015 and it hangs above the mantel in our living room.

LKCFQTIO01 Summer Solstice
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 1

Participant: Dave Shogren, Raleigh NC

To get us started, I selected four quilts that I own and are my favorites. I have a difficult time to decide which is my "actual" favorite. I am sure, as the next six weeks go along and I think about the choice more... I may change my initial vote. We see.

Project ID: DJSFQTIO01UnnamedLC
Quilt Name: Un-Named
Quilt Size: 72" x 85"
Characteristics: Log Cabin, Silk

Comment: This piece has been hanging on my living room wall since 1985. The quilt was made in the 1870s and was purchased by Sonja in about 1981. The color change as the day moves along (silk does that, to my eye) and the actual colors are such that I have never gotten "bored" as I view this piece. The quilt may never be moved (again: silk...) -- but, I enjoy it each day: So, why move it?

DJSFQTIO01 Un-named
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 0

Project ID: DJSFQTIO02
Quilt Name: My Piece of the Sky
Quilt Size: 34" x 34"
Characteristics: Log Cabin Pineapple, Silk

Comment: Finished in 1986, this was my first quilt gift from Sonja. A special wall-hanging and the characteristic of silk (colors changing as the light changes throughout the day) makes it very special to view. This was one of the first pieces Sonja made that involved 2" Pineapple squares. Am I lucky? Yes. As of now - My favorite quilt that I own. For sure.....

Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 1

Project ID: DJSFQTIO03
Quilt Name: King Arthur
Quilt Size: 92" x 116"
Characteristics: Ohio Star, Traditional, Cotton

Comment: Finished in 2003. This quilt is special to me, as some of the fabric (such as Liberty Cotton) used was purchased by me during business trips in the 1980s-90s and contributed to Sonja's stash. I love the Ohio Star block and the workmanship is very special.

DJSFQTIO03 King Arthur
Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 0

Project ID: DJSFQTIO04
Quilt Name: Strive
Quilt Size: 70" x 90"
Characteristics: Contemporary, Cotton

Comment: Completed in 2009 as part of our developing the online version of Sonja's "Match Play" class. I used the exercise as we developed the online class material and it was the first (and only...) quilt that I ever made. (Yes, some of the piecing was done by someone else... but, I designed it, did SOME sewing of it and enjoyed doing it).

Has My Vote

Current Project Votes: 2

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