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Floriani at Bernina World of Sewing

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Come be inspired with over 300 new polys, 17 magical metallics and more!

Some Past Events
Thank you For Your Joining Us at the Bernina World of Sewing and Floriani
Quilting and Embroidery Masters Tour
May, 2013

It was a fun/informative day.
We look forward to seeing you soon, again, at the store.
It is always a pleasure!
Novice, intermediate, or master, whatever your level ... Marilyn York a Floriani National Educator, discussed how to combine threads and fabrics in a new and exciting way!

The signup fee included a gift of stabilizers, threads, embroidery designs and more - valued at $599!

  • We learned how our thread can "dance" on our quilts when using Floriani's My Decorative Quilter. This amazing quilting software simulates the look of hand heirloom, echo, stipple stitches and more.
  • We also learned how to transform any quilt into an artistic embroidery masterpiece that is our own!
  • We saw Floriani's new quilt batting - and discussed how to make our quilting as easy and beautiful as our Floriani embroidery! Perfect embroidery ... perfect quilts!

1.5 min. Movie of The Day
  • We saw Floriani Software's Save2Sew tools correct an embroidery design to sew exquisitely on ANY fabric BEFORE we touch the start button.
  • We learned the importance of proper stabilization on any type of fabric using Floriani's suggested products based on your design and fabric you intend to embroider. NO MORE PUCKERS!
  • We learned, as well, the inherit difference in embroidery designs that is the signature of a master digitizer.

Floriani Embroidery Seminar - November 9, 10 2012
We were fortunate to have Floriani’s national educator Kathy Quinn for a lecture-demo that was filled with machine embroidery tips and tricks.

The signup fee included a gift of stabilizers, threads, embroidery designs and more - valued at $599!

It was a fun day.

Have you ever been to a Floriani presentation? I was, today and I loved it!

I learned a number of new (to me) things and she made it easy for everyone to understand the fundamentals of embroidery stabilizers. The embroidery software presentation was well done and, even to me - as a novice software-wise - Kathie's presentation made sense; bringing me a step closer to including embroidery software into my activities in the near future.

Kathy shared new "secrets", tricks and stories. It was very educational; with lots of "ahs" and "ohs" from the attendees! -- and, quite a few good laughs as well.

I am looking forward to the next Floriani presentation; not only because of the great deals. Most of all: It was a day well-spent for me.


Original Sewing & Quilt Expo June 2012
June 21-23 in Raleigh
at the Raleigh Convention Center

Thank you for attending.

The products, the quilt show, the classes, the discussions - Fun and educational.

It was great to see you at our booth.

See you soon at our store!

Congratulations, Carol, for Winning one of the Floriani door prizes!

Floriani Embroidery Event Seminar at Bernina World of Sewing
Took place February 10-11, 2012

Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012-1 Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012-2 Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012-3 Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012-4 Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012-5 Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012 Horse-1 Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012 Horses Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012 Horse-2 Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012 Horse-3 Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012 Horse-4 Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012 Horse-5 Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012 More-Part1 Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012 More-Part2 Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012 More-Part3 Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012 More-4 Floriani at BWOS Feb 2012 More-5

Short Movie of the Event

Thank You For Your Participation!

It was fun and interesting!

What happened?

  • We enjoyed an entertaining and educational event.

    We discussed:

    How we can perfect all embroidery using the correct stabilizer based on your garment and design type.

    How "no job or project will challenge you again", even the most difficult fabrics like velvet, silk, leather, and suede.

    How the experts overcome hooping issues as they shared tips and tricks that make your hobby more enjoyable or your business more profitable.

    We watched Floriani's Embroidery Software turn a novice embroiderer into a MASTER and the MASTER a MAGICIAN!

Participants received a FREE Gift from Floriani and Bernina World of Sewing valued at over $599!
- Ten Exclusive Floriani Spring Embroidery Creations ($100 Value).
- Ten Spools of Floriani's Most Popular Colors ($59.99 Value).
- Stabilizer Solutions – Embroidery Made Easy by Kay Brooks ($20.00 Value).
- Five Floriani Sew-EZ Creations Projects with Embroidery Designs ($170 Value).
- PLUS 30 Amazing Floriani Designs for Your Embroidery Pleasure ($250 Value).


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