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Monthly Events


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Bernina Club

Join us the first Thursday, Friday or Saturday of the month for show-and-tell and an original program. We want to spark your creativity! Learn a new technique, see the secrets to successful projects. Every month is a new topic. Sewers of all kinds and owners of all brands are welcome! First visit is free and $5.00 thereafter. (No Charge for the December Open House held during Bernina Club times).

During 2017: Learn how you can improve your sewing skills with the extensive line of Bernina Feet, accessories, and the features of your sewing machines. Each month we will focus on a sewing technique and the Bernina feet and accessories that make sewing effortless. Lecture and demonstration format. No need to bring your sewing machine. All types of sewing machine owners are welcome.

Come learn a new technique or two, make new friends, and go home with a plethora of information. Join in the fun - and bring your show and tell!

Bernina Club is open to sewers of all kinds, and all brands!
No registration is required.
Choose the time you like and come join us!

Remember to bring show and tell.

Any questions or comments, please:
send mail to: Bernina Club at Bernina World of Sewing

Some Previous Programs:

Archived Bernina Club Information


  • Techniques for Creating Successful Bobbinwork - Cathy Hooper
  • NeedlePunch - Cathy Hooper
  • Exploring all the Fun Ways to Strip… Strip Piecing, That is!
  • It Is OK to Throw Your Fabric on the Floor - Ann Johnson
  • Revisiting: Photo Transfer Using Inkjet-Printable Fabric - Sonja Shogren
  • Fabric Plus Paper - Ursula Cronk
  • No Trick.... Halloween Party!
  • Organizing Hints - Sudi-Laura Overstreet
  • Holiday Projects! - Staff
  • Mingle and Jingle Open House.


  • Let's Do the Math Together! - Ann Johnson
  • Creating Bookmarks and More.
  • Coloring books -- and: "Playing with fabric"
  • Seeing Stars - Ursula Cronk
  • Farm Girl Fever - Stacey Zabarsky
  • Scrap Crazy 6" Templates - Nancy Glasgow
  • Ask Sonja: Tips and Techniques - Sonja Shogren
  • Auction and Sale of Store Quilt Samples and Other Craft Items.
  • All About Deb Tucker Rulers - Jim Matlock
  • Holiday Projects! - Staff
  • Mingle and Jingle Open House and BERNINA Embroidery Presentation plus Gatherers' Show and Tell.


  • Using the BERNINA Circular Embroidery Attachment - Roxane Lessa
  • Durable Applique - Gail Nichols
  • Fabric Boxes - Nancy Glasgow
  • Zip-It - Ann Johnson
  • Why Every Sewer Should Have DECOR BOND (and maybe a few others...) Stabilizers in Their Sewing Room - Ursula Cronk
  • Making it Your Own - Staff
  • Summer Dress Transformation - Sue Miskovic
  • Pillow Talk - Staff and Participants
  • Aprons. Memories and Practicals - Sonja Shogren
  • Holiday Projects! - Staff
  • Mingle and Jingle Open House - We and You!


  • Scarves: The Perfect Accessory
  • 14 Gifts To Create and Give With Love
  • 3D flowers
  • Beat Your Fabric With a Hammer - Martha Pitts
  • Hexies - Ann Johnson
  • What Every Art Quilter Needs to Know Before They Sew - Roxane Lessa
  • 90 Minute Quilt-As-You-Go-Go - Allison Lee
  • Back to School with Kraftex - Gale Nichols
  • You Can Do That With a Serger? - Dellaine Risley
  • We Have Ideas! - Holiday Season Projects / Gifts
  • Mingle and Jingle Open House - We and You!


  • Woven Quilts - Nancy Glasgow
  • It all started with a Onesie! - Nancy Glasgow
  • Borders and the Power of Color - Sonja Shogren
  • Thread: Painting and Embellishing - Evelyn Judson
  • Breezy Weave Bags - Lisa Ross
  • Oh, the Places You Can Go... - Ursula Cronk
  • Marks Are Due, This Time Of Year - Sylvia Greene
  • Meet Peggy Forster
  • What Are These Used For? - Ann Johnson
  • Two Days of sew, sew, sew! - Carolyn Wilson


  • Open House - Recipes
  • "How Would You Do THIS Using Foundation Piecing" - Sonja Shogren
  • Modern quilting, modern art, improvisation and prison... - Martha Pitts

Saturday Sampler

Held around the times of the Bernina Club. Our Saturday Sampler program begins every year in January.
Thank you, for your participation.

The Saturday Sampler 2019 is underway. Please contact the store directly for information.

Any questions or comments, please:
send mail to: Saturday Sampler at Bernina World of Sewing

Archived Saturday Sampler Information
2017 Summary
2016 Summary
2015 Summary

Some Participant's 2015 Quilts

2014 Summary

Some Participant's 2014 Quilts
2013 Summary

2013 In Video Format
and Some Participant's 2013 Quilts
2012 Quilt Blocks

2012 In Video Format
and Some Participant's 2012 Quilts
Staff and Participant's 2011 Quilts

Staff and Participant's 2010 Quilts

Some Previous Year's Customer Quilts

Embroidery Club

Join us for our new and exciting monthly embroidery club led by Cathy Hooper. Each month we will be learning a new technique.

You will be making a project and get designs along with instructions at each meeting.

This club will be sew much fun and it is open to all embroidery enthusiasts who want to learn more about the wonderful world of embroidery regardless of skill level.

So, pack your machine and come learn a new technique, make new friends and go home with a great project. I think you’re going to Love it!!
Class fee is $20 each meeting plus any class-necessary supplies.

Stay tuned for information about upcoming Embroidery Clubs.

Embroidery Club Class Fee is $20 each meeting plus any class-necessary supplies.

Please register ahead of class time. Call (919 782 2945) or stop by the store.

Any questions or comments, please: send mail to: Embroidery Club at Bernina World of Sewing


Bernina World of Sewing - Gatherings 2019

2019 Gatherings

The 2019 Gatherings are taking place monthly in 2019:
  • Evening Gathering: The second Monday of each month, 5:00-9:00pm.
  • Daytime Gathering: The third Tuesday of each month, 10:00am-4:00pm.

The  Daytime Gathering participant will select quilts from the book: “Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts” by Judy Martin (2013) Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company, Inc. and the Evening participant will choose quilt patterns selected from: "modern neutrals, A fresh look at Neutral Quilt Patterns" by Amy Ellis.

Daytime Gathering:
  • Quilt Patterns Selected from the book:
    "Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts" by Judy Martin
Evening Gathering:
  • Quilt Patterns Selected from the book:
    "modern neutrals, A fresh look at Neutral Quilt Patterns" By Amy Ellis

We look forward to seeing all your beautiful work.

Note: You MUST be pre-registered to participate in the monthly Gatherings. Just "Show-Ups" the day/evening of the Gathering will not be allowed - we simply do not have room for such in the classroom. Sorry!

Those who signed up and are participating in the Gatherings have been contacted via eMail. For those participating and have been contacted, the next session for the 2019 Morning Gathering is: Tuesday, August 20 10:00am at the store and the next session of the 2019 Evening Gathering is: Monday August 12 5:00pm at the store. Again: Please do NOT show up for the Gathering if you have not been contacted (there, simply, is not sufficient space for "walk-in" participants). Sorry!

If you wish to be placed on the Wait List for either of the Gatherings - or, to be notified if an opening comes about for either the Daytime or Evening 2019 Gatherings, please send mail to: gatherings2019 at Bernina World of Sewing dot com

Or, of Course: Stop by the store. Sonja will have the latest information.

  • The Gathering participants purchased, from our store, the book chosen to be part of this Gathering and the fabric needed for this quilt..

  • For the 2019 Gatherings, a yearly fee of $50 is charged when the attendee commits to the first Gathering he/she attends.

  • Gathering participants should have experience in sewing and in making quilts.

  • Gathering participants, surely, interact. However, the Gathering is not a class . Each participant is expected to be able to manage his/her own project.

  • The store will not be able to arrange and set-up class machines for use during the Gatherings. Gathering participants should bring to the Gathering what they need for sewing/cutting during the Gathering.

  • Due to the numerous options / aims / of each Gathering participant, space at the Gathering is limited.
    Gathering Participants must be pre-signed up. "Drop in" participants, due to classroom class size and machine space limitations will not be accommodated. Sorry!

  • If a Gathering participant decides to "drop out" of the 2018 Gatherings, it would be appreciated if that were known by the store; there may a wait-list and, if a Gathering slot opens - Persons on the wait-list will be notified of such.

2019 Gatherings

The  Daytime Gathering participant will select quilts from the book: “Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts” by Judy Martin (2013) Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company, Inc. and the Evening participant will choose quilt patterns selected from: "modern neutrals, A fresh look at Neutral Quilt Patterns" by Amy Ellis.

July, 2019

Thank you, Nancy for handling the July 2019 Evening Gathering -- and, to the participants! Nancy reports: We had a great time sewing.  Two beautiful pieces were brought/shown - A finished quilt top with orange and yellow mums and a finished quilt with the koy fish backing. 

See you all in August!
Evening Gathering
Daytime Gathering
Another fine work-day with all "attacking" the objectives of our projects. Well done.

For more information about the 2019 Gatherings, go to the following Web page:
Our 2019 Gatherings Web page and BLOG pointer
(The most recent BLOG comment on the above was: July 18, 2019).

June, 2019

Work is moving in a Design Wall direction. It is terrific to see your progress.

Evening Gathering
Daytime Gathering

May, 2019

What busy / productive sessions. Work, Discussions-about, Some Extra Work! We are nearly ready for Summer! Everyone has had a busy Spring - quilting and otherwise. I wish you all a good Summer.

Evening Gathering
Daytime Gathering

April, 2019

Some finished work and more in-progress successes, as well. Looking great! Thank you; it is a pleasure to see your hard-work coming forth. More "initial work" of 2019's pieces. Spring rains -- however: Progress reigns for us and May may bring Design Wall work!

Evening Gathering
Daytime Gathering

March, 2019

Continued-busy sessions with each of us working on different parts of our 2019's first piece. Progress is apparent, now. A lot of interesting discussions, as well. Thank you for your work! -- It is a pleasure to see.

Evening Gathering
Daytime Gathering

February, 2019

We had busy sessions with lots of project fabrics cut and neatly sorted into plastic bags! Of course (for the evening Gathering), the new Jason Yenter quilt (a contribution to the evening's work efforts) on the design wall was a star of the evening. The Daytime's session had a small-number of participants this month: Yet, getting started with the 2019 LC projects while also doing some extra-project-work: A full day!

Evening Gathering
Daytime Gathering

January, 2019

A busy opening session for both the Evening and the Daytime Gatherings. A fine start, with project/fabric selection dominating the work and discussions. It will be fun, interesting and a pleasure to see everyone's efforts come forth as the year moves along. Thank you, in advance!

Evening Gathering
Daytime Gathering

Archived Gatherings:

Just go to:

Archived Gatherings Web page.

In 2018, we had two Gatherings:

The Daytime participant chose, over the year, from two projects: "Antelope Canyon" from Laurie Shifrin Designs or a Web-downloaded-by-the-participant pattern: "Sea Swept by Laura Flynn", and the Evening participant chose quilt patterns selected from: "modern neutrals, A fresh look at Neutral Quilt Patterns" by Amy Ellis. (Note: Evening Gatherers decided that they could also choose from the Daytime projects).

Archived 2018 Pattern Choice Gatherings Web page.

and: We had a one-year-long/one-time Millefiori Gathering:

Archived 2018 Millefiori Gathering Web page.

In 2017, we had two Gatherings:

Both 2017 Gatherings were based upon creating a Two-Color quilt using patterns
inspired by the book: "modern neutrals, A fresh look at Neutral Quilt Patterns" By Amy Ellis.

Archived 2017 Modern Neutrals Gathering Web page.

In 2016, we had two Gatherings:

Our 2016 Evening Gathering projects were based upon either: The Gemstone pattern from Wing and a Prayer Design or Blooming Nine Patch inspired by the book: Tradition With A Twist Book By Blanche Young & Dalene Young Stone.

Archived Evening 2016 Gemstone or Blooming Nine Patch Gathering Web page.

Our 2016 Daytime Gathering project was based on the Gemstone pattern from Wing and a Prayer Design.

December 4, 2016

(Clicking above will enable a one-minute video of the 2016 Daytime Gathering quilts during a Show/Tell session).

Archived Daytime 2016 Gemstone Gathering Web page.

In 2015, we had two Gatherings (Plus, we started the Gemstone Daytime Gathering that ended in 2016):

Our May-thru-August-2015 Gathering project was involved with three options of patterns for the Gathering participant.

Archived May-thru-August-2015 Pattern Choice Gathering Web page.

Our January-thru-April-2015 Gathering project was Inspired by Downton Abbey Fabric from andover Fabrics
And by the book: Take 5 Fat Quarters, written By Kathy Brown, Published by Martingale.

We used, primarily, the andover Downton Abbey fabrics that arrived in November, 2014,
with some of the attendees using additional andover Downton Abbey fabrics that arrived as early-2015 moved along.

Archived January-thru-April-2015 Downton Abbey Gathering Web page.

In 2014, we had two Gatherings.

Our Fall-2014 Gathering project "Blooming Nine Patch" – Inspired by the book: Tradition With A Twist By Blanche Young & Dalene Young Stone, Copyright © 1996 Published by C&T Publishing - took place September-thru-December, 2014. For information:

Archived Blooming Nine Patch Gathering Web page.

In Jan.-thru-Aug 2014, we had the Gathering that was aimed at using 2014 Downton Abbey fabrics from andover. For information:

Archived Downton Abbey Gathering Web page.

In 2013, we had the One Block Wonder Gathering. Thank you, to those who took part! For information:

Archived One Block Wonder Gathering Web page.

In 2012, we had the Smokey River Gathering. Thank you, to those who took part! For information:

4-Minute Movie of Smokey River Gathering's Happenings

Archived Smokey River Gathering Web page.

In 2011, we had two full-year "Gatherings".

Each of the Gathering's quilts were selected with two objectives firmly in mind:
1) Beautiful pieces and
2) Quilts that you might view as "once in a lifetime" happenings; Not necessarily quilts you would make on a regular basis.

For information about the 2011 projects:
More information regarding our 2011 "PIECEMAKERS Times and Seasons" project.

A 2011 Participant's Santas' Pieces
March, 2012

More information regarding our 2011 "Patriots in Petticoats" project.

A 2011 Participant's Basting His Completed Piece
February, 2012

The Gathering "2018 Millefiori Gathering" continued into 2018 and the project ended with the November 2018 Gathering. The Millefiori Gatherings were held the last Monday of each month (except December), 5:30-8:00pm at the store. The FINAL Millefiori Gathering was November 26, 2018. We are ending this project for now. Thank you for participating!

November 2018

We had a lot of "quiet time" hand-sewing - and: Interesting discussions!
Enjoyable. Thank you.


If you wish more information about the monthly 2017/2018 Millefiori Gathering that ended in November, 2018:
send mail to: millefioribwos at Bernina World of Sewing dot com

The Millifiori Gathering main Web page, pointing to the Millifiori Gatherings BLOG is at: Millefiori Gathering 2017/18

The BLOG was updated with a comment on: November 28, 2018.

Block Party 2017

This project has ended. Thank you, to all who participated. A year is a long time for a project; however, you all "hung in there" and it was a pleasure to see your work/success.

The following is left here, simply for "Saving Purposes" until it is archived.
(Click on any of the following images to see that image larger-sized).
Final-Shown Participant Work Bee-1x Final-Shown Participant Work Bee-1y Final-Shown Participant Work-1x Final-Shown Participant Work Bee-2x Final-Shown Participant Work-2x Final-Shown Participant Work Bee-2y Final-Shown Participant Work Final-Shown Participant Work-3x Final-Shown Participant Work-4x Final-Shown Participant Work Bee-5x Final-Shown Participant Work-5x Final-Shown Participant Work Bee-5y Final-Shown Participant Work-1 Final-Shown Participant Work-2 Final-Shown Participant Work-3 Final-Shown Participant Work-4 Final-Shown Participant Work-5 Final-Shown Participant Work-6

We participated, directly, once a month in the BERNINA "we all sew" Block Party 2017 at our store. The Party started March 6, 2017 on the BERNINA "we all sew" Website.

For information about the Party's blocks, the weallsew page for that is at: (Note: Make certain that you are staying in touch with the official weallsew Website. The information provided below is, simply, provided as a convenience and is NOT maintained / as-current-as (probably) is the weallsew Website) Regards, This site's Webmaster.

For information about the Party's project, it is at:

Sonja (of our store) is hosting those of you who are participating once a month. Some specifics:

  • This was not a class! No sewing; just sharing of experiences.

  • We met the first Tuesday (except for July) of each month, 5:30pm. The Block Party presentation was no charge; however, it iwas expected that you have purchased your Block Party quilt’s fabric at our store.

  • At the Block Party we discussed with you our experience with that month’s block.

  • We were not involved with the "we all sew" monthly special project. Of course, we encouraged you to get involved with that and, hen, let us know your experience (if you did any of those projects).

    We encouraged you to participate with the "we all sew" BLOG.

Next Session (Final Get Together Show): Tuesday June 5 2018 5:30pm.

Please pre-register, either by calling the store: 919 782 2945
and mention you are signing up for that month’s Block Party
just send an eMail to:

The Planned Quilt
The Featured Fabrics
Kit Making - 19 Fabrics plus the Background Sorry, all of our kits are gone.
Our Store's Piece
April 3, 2018
Progress Report

Three Participant's Work
April 3, 2018

Stay Tuned for the June 5, 2018 "Final Showing"(s)!
July 11, 2017
June 6, 2017
May 5, 2017

August 15, 2017
Sept. 5, 2017
October 4, 2017
November 7, 2017
December 5, 2017
January 9, 2018
February 6, 2018
March 6, 2018

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