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This Web page shows a summary of #ABigDay submissions that have come in to us.

You probably / may-have seen the #ABigDay topic discussed in other Web Pages or Social Networking sites. The topic "Caught my Fancy" - so, I am building this Webpage to see how many others might be interested in sharing their #ABigDay via this Web page.

What is a #ABigDay from this Webpage's perspective? As described in one BERNINA site I have access to, they describe it as: special Sewing, Embroidery and Quilting moments, Ok - I can understand that! We all have our good/"bad" days/moments with sewing, embroidery and quilting -- why not celebrate the special Sewing, Embroidery and Quilting moments!

To get this Web page started, browse the first submission of a #ABigDay - mine.

If you wish to directly participate with me/us (our stores: Raleigh and Wilmington) simply send me a summary of what made your #ABigDay and a photo/video if you agree to show (and, I hope you DO!) such on this Web page. Please include machine/model/type used and any software of note used this #ABigDay. I will format what you send me into a similar fashion as shown, below. The #ABigDay can be a day you worked on a project, finished a project, whatever - just a #ABigDay that celebrated a special Sewing, Embroidery and Quilting matter on that day.

At this time: No prize, no competition: Simply, sharing of what made your #ABigDay. No limit (as of now...) on how many items/#ABigDay's you can send to me; I will get to the items as time allows. I will be the sole determiner of what is shown on the Web page and I will interact with you via eMail before publishing your #ABigDay on this Web page.

I will never publish your eMail address or other address (other than City/State/Country) related to you and I will only show your last name if you want it shown: Default is only first name and last-name initial together with City/State/Country. In fact... even those can be aliases if you prefer (again: I will interact with you via eMail before "publishing" on this Web page).

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contact us via the link, below .

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David S, Raleigh NC USA
July 23, 2023

I am fortunate to be working next-to my wife's Sewing Area as I work on my Web/Computer and related-matters.

It is always fun/interesting to see/assist-somewhat design and other-such matters as her sewing-success comes forth.

I needed a computer bag to be replaced - and, on this day: Success! For this project, she used her BERNINA 720 and a pattern ByAnnie. It was a labor of love (bag-making was not a previously-used-often project).

Any questions or comments about the above or to submit a #ABigDay , please eMail:
ABigDay at Bernina World of Sewing dotcom

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