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Sewing Machine Pre-Buy Thoughts

As a convenience to you - and, to us! - the following may be some matters to keep in mind as you begin a journey to purchasing a sewing machine.

As you go thorugh the following, if you press the Send button, you and we will have an overview of your thoughts regarding a BERNINA when you arrive at our store. Thank you! We look forward to working with you.

Just "click" any box (choices offered) as you move along through the form.


Bernina World of Sewing - Pre-Buy BERNINA Thoughts


eMail Address:

Your Phone: (Optional)

Some matters to keep in mind as you begin a journey to purchasing a sewing machine may include:

  • What are your primary at-this-time in your sewing career objectives for this machine?
    Basic Sewing
    Quilt making
    Home Decor

  • What is your budget?
    Less than $500
    Less than $1,500
    Less than $3,000
    Less than $6,000
    More than $6,000

  • Do you see this sewing machine as:
    Your only sewing machine.
    A sewing machine that I want to carry to quilt/sewing/other-such classes.
    A second sewing machine (I plan on, or already have, a primary machine).

  • If you are experienced and have answers to the below: The answers will be further help for us to help you with a machine choice: I would like a machine that has -
    • Needle Up-Down?

    • Automatic Thread Cutter?

    • Secure Stitch Support?

    • Freehand System?

    • Touch Screen Support?

    • Special Quilting Stitches?

  • Is a sewing-embroidery machine in my future?

  • Yes - I am already using an embroidery machine.
    I am interested in advanced embroidery software.

  • Miscellaneous:
    I am looking for my first sewing machine.
    I own a BERNINA at this time - a BERNINA:
    I do not have a BERNINA at this time. I have a: (Just leave blank if you wish to do so).

Optional Other Information/Comments.

Have you any other comments that you would like to pass onto us before you come to the store? Just enter them in the following box. To submit the form, just click the "Send to Bernina World of Sewing" button, below.

Optional Comments/Feedback.

If you are prefer to view the above Web-form in PDF format, please click on:

If you print the PDF, fill it out at your convenience and bring it to the store for discussion: Thank you!

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