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Archived Gatherings

This Web page provides pointers-to Current-Year and Previous-to-the-Current-year Gatherings that are being / have been held at our store.

Bernina World of Sewing - Gatherings

Gatherings take place monthly and have been in-place since 2011. In 2016 we started to hold both a Daytime and an Evening Gathering.
Generally, the Gatherings are held:
  • Tuesday Daytime Gathering: The third Tuesday of each month, 10:00am-4:00pm.

(Thru 1st-half 2022) Evening Gathering: The second Monday of each month. Second-half of 2022 this Gathering moved to a Monday Gathering and continued in that fashion as 2023 got underway. The 2022 and afterwards Monday Gathering is not included in this Archive).

The Gathering projects (normally...) run for a year and the projects for the upcoming year are finalized in December of the previous/current year. Current participants have significant influence on what projects an upcoming year's Gathering will be.

If all you are looking for is a pointer to BWOS Gatherings, click below:
Year General Topic and Link
Pattern Choice
Blooming Nine Patch
(Daytime Gathering - Spring)
Urban Quilting
(Daytime Gathering - Fall)
BOM Theme and Log Cabin
Participant's Choice and Log Cabin
Participant's Choice Millefiori
2017 Two-Color Quilt
Blooming Nine Patch Gemstone
Downton Abbey Pattern Choice
Downton Abbey Blooming Nine Patch
2013 One Block Wonder
2012 Smokey River
PIECEMAKERS Times and Seasons Patriots in Petticoats

General comments and "Rules" for the Gatherings

We always look forward to seeing all of the Gatherers' beautiful work!

Note: You MUST be pre-registered to participate in the monthly Gatherings. Just "Show-Ups" the day/evening of the Gathering will not be allowed - we simply do not have room for such in the classroom. Sorry!

Those who signed up and are participating in the Gatherings have been contacted via eMail. For those participating and have been contacted, the session for the Morning Gathering was: The Third Tuesday of a month, 10:00am at the store and the session of the Evening Gathering was: The Second Monday of a month, 5:00pm at the store.

If you wish to be placed on the Wait List for the Daytime Gathering - or, to be notified if an opening comes about for the Daytime Gathering, please send mail to: bwosgatheringsinfo at Bernina World of Sewing dot com

Or, of Course: Stop by the store and ask about the Gatherings. Sonja will have the latest information.

  • The Gathering participants purchased, from our store, the book or pattern(s) chosen to be part of a Gathering and the fabric needed for the project's quilt..

  • For the Gatherings, a yearly fee is charged when the attendee commits to the first Gathering he/she attends.

  • Gathering participants should have experience in sewing and in making quilts.

  • Gathering participants, surely, interact. However, the Gathering is not a class . Each participant is expected to be able to manage his/her own project.

  • The store will not be able to arrange and set-up class machines for use during the Gatherings. Gathering participants should bring to the Gathering what they need for sewing/cutting during the Gathering.

  • Due to the numerous options / aims / of each Gathering participant, space at the Gathering is limited.
    Gathering Participants must be pre-signed up. "Drop in" participants, due to classroom class size and machine space limitations will not be accommodated. Sorry!

  • If a Gathering participant decides to "drop out" of the Gatherings, it would be appreciated if that were known by the store; there may a wait-list and, if a Gathering slot opens - Persons on the wait-list will be notified of such.

Previous Gatherings:

In 2023, the Evening Gathering moved to being an Afternoon event and is not summarized in this archive.

The 2023 Tuesday Daytime Gathering projects were Pattern Choice: Participants found a pattern that fit their 2023 aims. Some chose patterns from the book: Quilt Recipes By Jen Kingwell. Some chose another Jen Kingwell pattern - and, some found another pattern! A true Participant's Choice Daytime Gatherings for 2023.

In 2022, we finished the year with two Daytime Gatherings: Spring (Blooming 9-Patch) and Fall (Urban Quilting).
The Evening Gathering moved to being an Afternoon event and is not summarized in this archive.

The Spring Daytime Gathering was a Blooming 9-Patch using the pattern from the book: Tradition With A Twist Book By Blanche Young & Dalene Young Stone and/or supplemented by a class handout developed by Sonja.

The Fall Daytime Gathering was participant's choice of selected patterns from the book: Urban Quilting By Wendy Chow.

In 2020-2021, we had two-plus (more about this if you continue reading) Gatherings...
Naturally, affected by COVID... enough said about that, eh? We ZOOMed most of these two years:

The Daytime Gathering was, firstly, a BOM Theme with using the pattern:
"ReflectedHarmony" from Wilmington Prints

The Evening Gathering was, firstly, Quilt Patterns Selected from the book:
"Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts" by Judy Martin

As time went on, some of the Gatherers worked on projects related to pieces shown/discussed in the book The QUILTS in AMERICA by Kaffe Fasset.

Archived 2020-21 BOM and LC Gathering Web page.

Archived 2020-21 QUILTS in AMERICA Kaffe Fasset Gathering Participant's Progress-Report

In 2019, we had two Gatherings:

The Daytime Gathering participant selected quilts from the book: “Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts” by Judy Martin (2013) Crosley-Griffith Publishing Company, Inc. and the Evening participant chose quilt patterns selected from: "modern neutrals, A fresh look at Neutral Quilt Patterns" by Amy Ellis.

Archived 2019 Pattern Choice and LC Gathering Web page.

In 2018, we had two Gatherings (Plus the following-mentioned Millefiori Gathering):

The Daytime participant chose, over the year, from two projects: "Antelope Canyon" from Laurie Shifrin Designs or a Web-downloaded-by-the-participant pattern: "Sea Swept by Laura Flynn", and the Evening participant chose quilt patterns selected from: "modern neutrals, A fresh look at Neutral Quilt Patterns" by Amy Ellis. (Note: Evening Gatherers, as the year progressed, decided that they may also choose from the Daytime projects).

Archived 2018 Participant's Choice Gathering Web page.

In 2018, we also had a one-year-long Millefiori Gathering, held the evening of the last Monday of a month (less December).

Archived Millefiori Gathering 2017/18

In 2017, we had two Gatherings:

Both 2017 Gatherings were based upon creating a Two-Color quilt using patterns
inspired by the book: "modern neutrals, A fresh look at Neutral Quilt Patterns" By Amy Ellis.

Archived 2017 Modern Neutrals Gathering Web page.

In 2016, we had two Gatherings:

Our 2016 Evening Gathering projects were based upon either: The Gemstone pattern from Wing and a Prayer Design or Blooming Nine Patch inspired by the book: Tradition With A Twist Book By Blanche Young & Dalene Young Stone.

Archived Evening 2016 Gemstone or Blooming Nine Patch Gathering Web page.

Our 2016 Daytime Gathering project was based on the Gemstone pattern from Wing and a Prayer Design.

December 4, 2016

(Clicking above will enable a one-minute video of the 2016 Daytime Gathering quilts during a Show/Tell session).

Archived Daytime 2016 Gemstone Gathering Web page.

In 2015, we had two Gatherings (Plus, we started the Gemstone Daytime Gathering that ended in 2016):

Our May-thru-August-2015 Gathering project was involved with three options of patterns for the Gathering participant.

Archived May-thru-August-2015 Pattern Choice Gathering Web page.

Our January-thru-April-2015 Gathering project was Inspired by Downton Abbey Fabric from andover Fabrics
And by the book: Take 5 Fat Quarters, written By Kathy Brown, Published by Martingale.

We used, primarily, the andover Downton Abbey fabrics that arrived in November, 2014,
with some of the attendees using additional andover Downton Abbey fabrics that arrived as early-2015 moved along.

Archived January-thru-April-2015 Downton Abbey Gathering Web page.

In 2014, we had two Gatherings.

Our Fall-2014 Gathering project "Blooming Nine Patch" – Inspired by the book: Tradition With A Twist By Blanche Young & Dalene Young Stone, Copyright © 1996 Published by C&T Publishing - took place September-thru-December, 2014. For information:

Archived Blooming Nine Patch Gathering Web page.

In Jan.-thru-Aug 2014, we had the Gathering that was aimed at using 2014 Downton Abbey fabrics from andover. For information:

Archived Downton Abbey Gathering Web page.

In 2013, we had the One Block Wonder Gathering. For information:

Archived One Block Wonder Gathering Web page.

In 2012, we had the Smokey River Gathering. Thank you, to those who took part! For information:

4-Minute Movie of Smokey River Gathering's Happenings

Archived Smokey River Gathering Web page.

In 2011, we had two full-year "Gatherings".

Each of the Gathering's quilts were selected with two objectives firmly in mind:
1) Beautiful pieces and
2) Quilts that you might view as "once in a lifetime" happenings; Not necessarily quilts you would make on a regular basis.

For information about the 2011 projects:
More information regarding our 2011 "PIECEMAKERS Times and Seasons" project.

A 2011 Participant's Santas' Pieces
March, 2012

More information regarding our 2011 "Patriots in Petticoats" project.

A 2011 Participant's Basting His Completed Piece
February, 2012

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