January 3rd, 2020

Throughout 2021-

This BLOG project started in January 2020 and will continue on into 2021. The project, itself,  is run as a BOM and generally is now a Video matter managed by our store  (Bernina World of Sewing) with the month’s Video session being available the first week of a month that has a Thurs / Friday / Saturday.

The Quilt Along participant pays a fee at the start of the year and this fee covers each month’s pattern, kit and Video pointer-to — assuming the participant shows a completed block of the previous month’s pattern/kit.  If this does not happen, there is a nominal fee for the current-month’s pattern/kit.

This BLOG is (generally… Public).  If you are a full Participant in QuiltAlong 2021 Feathered Friends at our store, you can use the Private BLOG on facebook.  To do so, you  you can go to: Feathered Friends Private BLOG on facebook

The purpose of THIS BLOG is simply: Sharing of experiences/information as 2021 moves forward.  Store staff monitor this BLOG as time allows. This BLOG is not intended as a “place” for-the-store QandA; just send your question to the Quilt Along eMail ID: (QuiltAlong at berninaworldofsewing dot com).  That said, if you DO enter a question into the BLOG and other QuiltAlong participants on this BLOG have not seen/answered the question, our Webmaster will do his best to contact someone in the store to address the question here on the BLOG.

If you DO enter something into the BLOG (to do so, just “Reply” on the Comments’ area of this BLOG) and you want a photo added to the BLOG related to your question: Just send your photo to the QuiltAlong eMail ID and I (the Webmaster) will add your photo to your comment.  No problem, in doing this.

Finally: The Webmaster does see all BLOG entries and he will make a decision about the appropriateness of the BLOG entry. He will “trash” any entry deemed “negative” or “personal”.  This BLOG is not the place for any negativism or personal views/etc.  Period.

We look forward to hearing from you and to your joining us via a Video link  or, if 2021 eventually allows for – at the store once a month at Bernina World of Sewing in Raleigh — and: Seeing the result of your beautiful in-progress and completed work!

To participate, it is intended that you have enrolled in the Quilt Along BOM at Bernina World of Sewing during 2021.